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Quality Engineering

Meeting startup and small business software testing needs. I founded and manage QualityINClusive that focuses on business development by way of tailored software testing and processes. Test manager and consultant on client projects, I focus on creating strong plans and teams to support them. I specialize in building individualized test plans and executing testing to benefit the success and continuation of project value. 

Testing | Quality Test Planning | Project Quality Management  



Self organizing teams need support. I work with imbedded and offshore teams to assist in quality and process. Using untapped potential within Quality Engineering, I specialize in conducting Agile processes by uniquely reverse engineering methodologies by focusing on a team's efforts in obtaining optimum quality.


I'm a firm believer of sharing knowledge for the betterment of the community. You will find me anywhere and everywhere sharing experiential knowledge in Agile in the influence of Quality Engineering. Contact me if you would like me to speak at your next training, workshop or conference engagement.

Agile Coaching & Transformation | Process Improvement | Agile Testing

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Retention & Diversity

There are some areas of business development that are imperative when building a successful business. One area of which I am overly drawn to and passionate about in providing structure and knowledge to, is the Diversity space. Here, I have created a collection of diversity trainings and workshops that get you thinking about your next business transformation: strong, inclusive environments with high ranking retention planning. Tailored executive coaching, diversity coaching, and transformational support to accompany any training or workshop. Contact me if you would like me to speak or provide coaching at your next training, workshop or conference engagement.

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